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At UNFOLD Architecture + Design we provide a full spectrum of architectural services. As every project differs in scale and complexity, we will work with you to tailor our services to the required areas to ensure we are providing you with the optimal service for your specific project. We will discuss these in greater detail with you, but please see below for a brief description of what is involved at each stage:

  •    Concept Design 

Initially we will work with you to develop and finalise your design brief. This will involve face-to-face meetings where we share the design progress through sketches, drawn plans and 3D modelling to provide you with a full understanding of the proposals. At this stage we will also work with you in setting out an outline project budget and timeline aspirations.

  •    Planning Application

Taking the agreed final design we will then develop this and compile the required planning drawings and documentation, submit the planning application and monitor it's progress on your behalf. This includes applications within conservation areas and for listed buildings.

  •    Technical Design

At this stage, the design proposals are advanced and detailed to ensure the design is building regulations compliant prior to works starting on site. We will ensure full coordination of the design with a structural engineer plus other design consultants if required. This will provide you with a fully coordinated set design documentation including a written specification of the works.
As part of this stage of design work, we can provide design guidance and produce the required drawings and documentation for interior finishes and fittings, small power and lighting layouts, in-built joinery design etc. (all items required to provide a full scope of construction works to ensure accurate quotes are received).

  •    Tender Process

We will compile and issue the coordinated technical design information to potential builders or contractors. Assess the tender returns and guide you through the process of appointing of a builder.

  •    Construction

We can offer a varied level of service from on-site monitoring through to full project management of the build through to completion.

The RIBA provides useful guidance on working with an Architect for your home and for projects of all scales.
To ensure that our clients receive the best possible service, we follow the RIBA Plan of Work. 

Below you will find responses to our most commonly asked questions as well as general queries you may have regarding working with an Architect. We hope you find these useful and a valuable initial insight into the benefits of hiring an architect for your home project. However, please don't hesitate to get in touch as we would be happy to provide answers to any further questions you may have.

Why should I hire an architect for my home project?
Architects bring design expertise and a fresh perspective to your project. They ensure your home is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and compliant with regulations. Architects also help maximize space and value while evolving and developing your ideas.
At UNFOLD Architecture + Design we truly believe that we will be able to elevate your project not only in terms of the design solutions we provide, but also the quality of the final outcome. Our experience will ensure the designs are able to be realised and successfully completed. 

What services do architects offer to homeowners?
Architects provide a range of services, including initial design concepts, detailed drawings, obtaining planning approval, builder or contractor selection guidance, project management, and overseeing construction to ensure your vision comes to life. The process generally begins with a consultation to discuss your needs, followed by design development, obtaining planning permissions if needed, creating detailed plans, selecting a contractor, and overseeing construction until completion.

What is the role of an architect during the construction phase?
Architects can act as project managers, ensuring the design is executed correctly. They review construction progress, answer questions from builders or contractors, address unforeseen issues, and make any necessary adjustments to the contract documentation (plans, specifications etc.)

What are planning permissions, and how do they affect my project?
Planning permissions are approvals required from local authorities to proceed with certain home improvements. An Architects will prepare and submitting applications to comply with national and local planning policies.
At UNFOLD Architecture + Design we will advise on the type of application required depending on your project aspirations. We are experienced in many different types, these being full applications, householder applications, conservation area applications, listed building applications, change of use applications etc.

How long does a residential project usually take?
Project timelines vary based on factors like project complexity, size, and permissions required. Smaller renovations might take a few months, while more extensive projects could extend to a year or longer.
At UNFOLD Architecture + Design during the early stage of the design process we aim to set out an outline project timeline and budget aspirations.

Can an architect help transform small spaces or outdated homes?
Absolutely. Architects are skilled at optimising space and modernising outdated homes. They can creatively reconfigure layouts and incorporate contemporary design elements to make the most of your space.

How do architects incorporate sustainability into home designs?
Many architects emphasise sustainable design practices, such as energy-efficient layouts, high performing building fabric, sustainable materials, and systems. They can advise on eco-friendly solutions that benefit both the environment and your energy bills.
At UNFOLD Architecture + Design we have experience in energy efficient design solutions which will vary depending on your desired outcomes. Whether you have an existing building you are looking to upgrade or a new build you're aiming to build to exceed the current regulations.  

Can architects help with interior design?
Yes, many architects offer interior design services to compliment the building design. They can help you choose finishes, fixtures, and furnishings that align with the overall design and functional goals of your home.

How do I manage the costs associated with an Architect's services?
Architects charge fees based on the project's scale and complexity. This can be calculated either as a percentage of the build cost or as a fixed fee for each stage of the design work. Discuss your budget upfront and ensure you have a clear understanding of what the fees cover. Transparent communication is key to avoiding surprises.
At UNFOLD Architecture + Design we offer an initial complimentary design meeting to discuss your ideas. We will follow this up with a written fee proposal where we set out all our fees in advance.

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